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As a general principle, the misleading representations and deceptive marketing practices provisions of the Act attribute liability to the person who caused the representation to be made, i. The following sections provide greater detail on the subject. The Competition Act indicates that whoever has caused the representation to be made on or accompanying a product is deemed to have made it. However, when the person who has caused the representation to be made, including a manufacturer, is located outside of Canada, then the importer of the product is deemed to have made the representation. In the case of rebates, this means that if a manufacturer in Canada makes false or misleading representations about a rebate on or accompanying a product, the manufacturer and retailer would be liable unless the manufacturer is located outside of Canada, in which case the importer and retailer are liable.

Retailers are generally not liable under the Competition Act for representations on or accompanying products, except when the manufacturer who makes a representation is located outside of Canada. In that case, the representation is deemed to be made to the public by the person who causes the representation to be expressed, which can include an importer or dealer.

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However, if fulfillment houses were to make their own false or misleading representation, they could be held responsible. When evaluating whether a representation is false or misleading, the Bureau considers the general impression conveyed by the representation, as well as its literal meaning. A consumer's decision to purchase a product that features a rebate is based on the general impression created by the representation as a whole.

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In the following five examples, the Bureau identifies conduct that could comprise a false or misleading representation in respect of rebate promotions. Accordingly, any conditions, limitations or exclusions that are inconsistent with that general impression, should be clearly and conspicuously disclosed so that they will likely come to the attention of consumers before they act upon the representation. In this regard, disclosure of conditions likely to alter the general impression of a representation only after the consumer makes the purchase, may not be adequate to ensure that the rebate representation is not false or misleading.

For example, disclosure inside product packaging, on the rebate application form or on the website to which consumers are directed to apply for the rebate would likely be insufficient. The Bureau recommends that any material conditions, limitations or exclusions be clearly and conspicuously disclosed where the rebate representation is made. Examples of material conditions include:. Consequently, representations of this type may mislead consumers about the amount they must pay at the time of purchase. In addition, consumers could be under the impression that taxes will only be calculated on the lower sale price.

Consequently, this representation may be considered to be false or misleading. The term "sale" could give the general impression that the price is the result of a sale, not a rebate.

In order not to mislead consumers, manufacturers and retailers should clearly disclose the extent to which the price of a product is the result of a rebate rather than a price reduction. This would ensure that consumers are aware of the price they will be required to pay at the time of purchase. Section 6 of this publication provides examples of best practices.

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The example below does not specify what type of rebate is offered. Consequently, consumers could form the general impression that they will receive the advertised rebate at the time of purchase. If they do not receive the advertised rebate at the time of purchase, they could have been misled about the amount they will be required to pay.

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As a result, this representation may be false or misleading. This will help ensure consumers are not misled about the actual price they will pay at the time of purchase. Some manufacturers and retailers offer gift cards or credits to be used for future purchases. Occasionally, representations show the price that results when the value of the gift card or credit is subtracted from the regular price.

These representations could mislead consumers, causing them to believe that they will pay the lower price for the product when in fact they will receive a gift card or credit that can be used towards a future purchase. Consumers will not be able to obtain the product for this price, given that they may only use the gift card on a future purchase.

As such, this representation may be false or misleading. When making representations as to the price of a product, manufacturers and retailers should not subtract the value of the gift card or credit from the original price of the product, because such a gift card or credit does not alter the price of the product at the time of purchase. Where this occurs, it may be contrary to the consumers' general impression that they will obtain the advertised rebate.

In addition, it may result in the consumer paying a higher price than represented, at which price the consumer may not have originally chosen to make the purchase. In particular, the lawsuit alleges that Groupons are essentially gift cards and thus subject to the federal Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act , which requires such cards to be valid for at least 5 years California's consumer protection law is even tougher: it prohibits most gift cards from ever expiring.

As for your future Groupon-buying binges, it may be helpful to know that your Groupons won't ever expire in the sense that they always can be redeemed for at least the price you paid for them. You are, of course, more than welcome to make the pitch to the business for whom you bought your presently expired Groupon. Or to your lawyer, for that matter. If all else fails, you can always seek a refund directly from Groupon:.

Monetarily, anyway. Title Certificate of title The Certificate of Title is the document that describes the property and gives legal right of ownership to the property. In New Zealand, there are four main categories in relation to land: Freehold types are: Fee Simple, Life Estate or Stratum estate Leasehold this also can be a stratum estate in Leasehold Unit Title or Cross Lease the ownership flat situation Company lease or license Note: Licence is not a title, but a right to enter land Back to top of page.

Transfer A transfer is the legal document used for the conveyance of any land or estate or interest in land. Back to top of page. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry. Calls to or from our legal helpline may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. External links are provided for your convenience, but they are beyond the control of Convey Law and no representation is made as to their content.

Use or reliance on any external links and the content thereon provided is at your own risk. Services Sale of property Purchase of property Refinancing Pre-auction report. Testimonials Thank you Abigail you have been awesome. I would totally recommend you guys to anyone. And a big proper overall thank you, as well, to both of you for making this process straigh Thank you very much for sending me the title, and for looking after our assignment so profe Every step of the process was patiently explained and sound advice was provided whenever we I would like to thank you for achieving the final settlements yesterday, I am very grateful I am very happy with the responsiveness of the lawyer that I dealt with at Convey Law.

Inexpensive, Highly efficient and extremely personable.

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Extremely pleased with your service. Most professional and best service I have yet received Very professional and great service! We dealt with Andrea and she made the whole thing seem Extremely satisfied more N Carter. A Big Thank You to Andrea for her great service! Her professionalism and approachfulness ma Great service and price. The sale of my property was'nt simple, there were time extensions requested by the buyers a Andrea from Convey Law is awesome!

I could not have refinanced my mortgage without her. John Hall looked after us and was lovely - but it didn't give me the option in the next box I did some shopping around and found convey law had the best price by far. Not only that bu Extremely professional!!! I was kept very well informed throughout the process and the bill was substantially less th Extremely convenient! We are very pleased to recommend Convey Law. Andrea did a great job in helping us through t I was dubious at first about engaging an unknown firm that I did not know of but am so plea Sacha was very helpful to deal with and answered our queries very promptly.

She made it ve Extremely quick, pleasant and helpful. We will be back. Great service with very speedy responses to email and very patient with explaining things w Thank you Convey Law for making the house transfer seemless, painless and rewarding.

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I would strongly recommend Convey law to anyone who has conveyancing work. Extremely compet A very big Thank You to Andrea. Wonderful to work with, friendly yet professional. This was my first re-financing experience in New Zealand, but I would definitely use Convey I have worked with Sacha on a couple of occasions and I would not hesitate to recommend her Thank you for all your help Will call again when needed more Charles V.

Really great experience with conveylaw, excellent customer handling and prompt response jus Convey Law handled the sale of our property in Wellington in a prompt and professional mann Andrea has been amazing, thank you so much. I have another 2 properties to sell, and I hope Andrea was great, a pleasure to deal with. So easy to understand and Thank you for such an accessible service.

I am very pleased that I chose Convey Law, and fo Everything was looked after and was notified at every step and at a very reasonable price more Christopher A. Excellent service for us as we were not even in the country and our house sale was to the d Excellent all-round, great service and communication for a reasonable price. Will definitel Cannot speak highly about the dealings i have had with Andrea.

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Sacha and Shana were very pleasant, patient and Friendly this made what could have been a m Convey Law were a pleasure to deal with; their responses were quick and they were professio Polite, friendly, well priced and responsive. No hesitation in recommending. Andrea was very promt and professional at all times. She did a great job for us and we will This was my first time purchasing a house. This coupled with starting a new job at the same I am very grateful for the service your company have provided despite the distance.

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I have Shana was very helpful, she responded well with information nothing seemed to much trouble It was so easy especially the fact that we now reside overseas. Andrea was so professional Your company systems and professional staff saved me a trip back to NZ and time off work wh Swift and responsive at a reasonable price.